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This is my largest fantasy world–and the world where I have the most story ideas. Throughout my journey into becoming a writer, I’ve learned a lot about myself and my own writing. I’m still learning every day from writers both better and different from me.

There is one element in my writing that has always been there and I don’t think will ever leave. It’s the element that I want to share with the world, and the crux of problems I see with today’s world revolve around this issue (for me).

My stories always have (and probably always will) evolve around relationships, and what true relationships look like. My blog is titled Voice Pianissimo because I am a quiet observer (pianissimo), but I want my voice to be heard, my thoughts, opinions, and observations to reach others and help them in some way. That may mean they discover some truth or merely find a new perspective. Either way, I strive to do the same with my blog as with my stories–I want to reach my readers and help them understand truths about relationships in an easier-to-handle way.

I’ve always been an avid reader and lover of fiction, particularly fantasy. I’ve learned and grown through the books I’ve read, and many fantasy novels and series have helped shape who I am and what I believe, how I look at the world. Through fiction, I want to do the same–I want to teach readers things without dictating to them. I want them to learn by the amazing experience reading has to offer–to go on a journey and learn along with the characters.

I hope you enjoy the world I’m trying to share, and that you love the many purposes of stories that I do–to enjoy, escape, experience, and learn.

Look for more Aureliya posts coming soon! (Maybe an excerpt or two as I craft the first novel in the Chronicles of Aureliya, under working title “Following Dreams.”)

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